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there I was w/ a 2-for-1 taco coupon

there's trouble at my station. 
the electronic components 
are beginning to malfunction 
& sheep bleat sheep bleatblood 
on the concrete bones 
in the basement bowels 
in my belly gurgling 
& I'm gruntin'
up all night 
punting insects 
from my gutbucket. 
I'll never eat 
at that restaurant again. 

I really need to look at myself 
in the mirror right now. 
there's never enough 
I haven't noticed yet. 
could I be blinking
or frozen in space?

I wrapped tortillas around my feet 
& called them "shoes." 
I picked up some loafers at the bakery. 

I locked my eyes in a metal toolbox 
& buried it near the statue 
of Ben Franklin in the park. 

the windows have cracked 
from the cold 
& there's snow on the furniture. 

kill the lights 
& make luck 
in the dark. 
make new babies 
with thick coats 
for the new snow world. 
that's what it's coming to. 
just this afternoon, 
I found a snowflake 
& its clone. 
I turned to tell 
the newspaper reporter, 
but the trees were falling down 
& everyone rushed 
to the edge of the glen 
& pretended to fall down & die. 

we were all standing in line, 
all right, when a man 
in a black moon suit 
appeared after midnight 
& handed out bracelets. 
we could sleep, at long last.

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