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Blue & Purple & Scarlet Stuff
And I know this for I have seen the fabric
On the shoulders of kings and their young sons
Cut and stitched and fit and formed
Crafted by the fingers of old women
With poor eyes that must hold the garment
To their noses to see their work
It is the colors of indigo and lapis
Topaz and garnet for I have seen the fabric
In the tunics of Phoenician princes
And in the capes of the captains of the Hittite hoards
The blues of royal hue in linen finely woven 
Entwined and twisted
And in the embroidered pomegranates
That rest ripe on the hems of the garments 
Of Aaron and his priests as they tend the Arc
Just after sunset under a sky that covers the desert 
Like a cloak made with blue and purple
And scarlet stuff

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