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in a tiny motel on 
Wilcox, surrounded by all of her 
clothes, dripping wet
hangin' everywhere
because she's a 'clean freak'

no pictures on the wall
only holes from nails and screws
left behind when 
it was time to move on

one bed, two chairs, one desk
one vacuum (red devil)

mostly walking around listening
to a crack pipe
"Are you nervous?  I'll tweak if you
get nervous . . . I'm just listening . . .
do you like Madonna? 
I'm almost ready . . . you'll never 
guess how old I am . . . 
both my parents are Bikers . . .
not Angels or Jokers or anything
 . . . but you know  . . .  Bikers 

holding a stuffed rabbit
against tiny firm breast with 
dark brown nipples
only setting it down to 
'hit' the pipe
and  . . . listen . . . 

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