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And i no longer wonder that you might care
but i imagine that road you walked to some door
to ring a bell
     a sweet hello
          a question
you already knew the answer

All i know for certain is
you didnít wait
And who can fault you?
(Few of us remain imbibed with the patience of a psychopath)

Once upon a time
when i was still a princess,
wearing magic like a holy crown,
you promised to wait forever
          and died
When you returned, you had a new face,
but kept the old covenant

I couldnít tell you how much i hated you for that
Instead i wrote it 500 times in insy, tiny, nun script
because, in Divine tradition, i know that
it is what is in the spaces between the written words
which tells us what we need to know
And that is how silence just painful enough to make me laugh at myself
again saved my life

Once upon a time we made a vow in the Ladies
of the basement of Ojabei Shalom
I briefly saw my reflection in a window
A million years and thousands of evolutions later
I occasionally catch myself in soul giggling laughter
i look just the same

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