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Boldly going nowhere

Watching the palmreaders 
On Venice Beach
An olive skinned sage
Squinting through a magnifying glass
At a pampered fat red veined palm
Surrounded by dangerous purple nails
Platinum hair club Med type Tennessee
Iowa or somewhere equally landlocked
Hoping her palm will read
Neon and flashing Hollywood stars and bars
Get balled by young surfer hard or
Fat suburban husband drops dead

Another reader waits for someone 
Who hates their life enough
To pay five dollars for 
Reads a book
Highly effective people

Street musicians pound and wail
As perfect bodies invisible
Stroll by reminding us
Of the impossibility of perfection
Boring and rotten greed and sadness
Living though the shadows 
Of more nothing

Here on the beach 
Los Angeles
Seduces and suffocates
Her incest children 

Marvelous bodies
Lying face down with
Wondrous smiles
Eating day old sand.

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