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He's always here-
Sleeping the day away
In my new bed I bought for you

He's here all day 
When I want to clean
And find some order

He sleeps on my sheets
In his wet spot
Cause I threw yours' off the roof

But not before tasting it
One last time
And I think

Of the veteran
That may have found those
Sheets and maybe he masturbates

With the Vickie's catalouge
He dug out of my trash-
Like you used to do.

I tiptoe around my room
Fearing that I'll wake him
And have to talk

Sometimes I go downstairs
To write a poem for you
And then give it him.

I remember when you were here 
And we both slept all day
Because I could sleep then

And there was no need to clean
Because you liked it dirty
and I loved you

He's always here like you were 
But I know this time
That men never stay.

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