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J. BRIDGES is as skinny as his poems

To the Unlikely Stories home pageAh, the fine art of realism. Reality is a spectacularly ugly place, as we all know very well, and naturally creates the beautifully ugly poetry of J. Bridges. These poems contain introspection and philosophy, but it's the philosophy of the obvious: J. Bridges shows us the dreary realities of survival in a meaningless world. Grab a beer and a cigarette, and kill yourself slowly with the following poems.

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J.'s works here at Unlikely Stories are:

Insanity Is a Journey for the Brave.
When It Comes It Comes.
The Connoisseur.
The Kitchen, the Cook, the Meat and Her Lover.
Bottles and Clits.

It's All a Case of A, B, C.
A Poem in Two Parts Due to a Lack of Self Control