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Normal, Crazy, and St. Peter's Girlfriend

Her parents dropped off her clothes
normal clothes
because we try to be as normal here as possible
a doctor said this to her as a woman marched by in her jammies 
declaring she won't have St. Peter's baby in this hospital. 
Normal has left the building right behind the parents and the day-staff.
Normal doesn't like coming to this party 
he makes an appearance for appearance's sake 
he shows up late and leaves early enjoys 
women swooning over him men 
wanting to be him 
he doesn't eat anything because he just came 
from another party where  the food was better 
He takes home a girl called Crazy 
high on legal drugs. 
Normal fucks Crazy. 
Crazy is all flesh and nonsense  
Normal has no hair on his chest 
no sweat 
no nipples 
only outlines of muscles like a Ken-Doll 
and no dick. 
He can't fuck Crazy. 
He can't fuck anybody. 
Normal is never a friend or a lover, 
but always an acquaintance. 
Crazy goes back to the party where 
St. Peter's girlfriend is wrestling 
with the night staff 
this is the storm before the calm 
a tangled pile of screaming and white cloth and 
skin flushed stressed 
and a needle 
muffled prayers go on for maybe half an 
hour from the last room down the hall 
St. Peter never comes to rescue her. 
Normal will stop by later to give her her meds.

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