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JENN RUBI tosses things into the air

To the Unlikely Stories home pageRocking and rolling with a rhythm all their own, the poems of Jenn Rubi take us through the cities, parks, and rivers of our memories and consciousness. She energetically explores the pain and pleasures of the past, with symbols that are immediately accessible. You'll enjoy the three poems we present here.

Jenn says, "I am Californian born Latin American girl that grew up in the paradox of another one of those affluent north Jersey suburbs 50 minutes from the Lincoln Tunnel. I now hustle my living in a predominantly male dominated occupation, as a "N.Y. style" pizza cook in the twilight zone that is metro Atlanta. Cooking, like all Art, gets me off." Write to her at LANGEGRIMAGE@aol.com.

Jenn's works here at Unlikely Stories are:

On my way to New York City 4/11/95