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3rd Street

A lover is an ache in waiting
A frantic belch of supernova
An obligatory bow to circumstance
A prospect turned to dusty heirloom

A lover is an ache in waiting
A laundry list of thoughtless allowance
A doubling back of expectation
A living tomb of scant collections
An encouraged glutton grown cold with wealth
An unpolished lock worn thick with rust

A lover is a waiting faultline
With the cities of everybody else
Built stupidly atop

A lover is a dropping elevator
Rimmed with glowing

A lover is an ache in waiting
A wingclipped bird with wallowing eyes
A rich dessert without a dinner
A desperate team of secret rivals

A snippet of rainbow in a stagnant oil puddle
A deer with splayed limbs in the beam of a headlight
A faint shadow puppet in a room full of statues
A tapering candle with a wick made of iron

A lover is the moving shadow
Within the bloom of an
Unexpected explosion

A lover is the tinkling echo
That gives you startled pause
When you're walking
In the dark

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