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STEVE MITCHELL has been there and back again

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"With knowledge possibility increases, fluidly, rapidly, FOREVER."
--Steve Mitchell

Skirting the edge between literary and science fiction, the poems and stories of Steve Mitchell represent the best of both genres. He uses symbols from science fiction and religion to explore the nature of humanity, analyzing concepts like God, truth, death, and recreational drug use with a steady background of beautifully-worked prose.

Steven K. Mitchell has been a bouncer, a disc-jockey, a fleece salesman, a laborer, a leasing rep, a baker, worked at a video store and more. But in his own words he has really been one thing the whole time, "A poet". His favorite authors are Robert E. Howard, Edgar Allen Poe and A. E. Van Vogt. He also cites the eclectic mix of Michael Moorcock, Hunter S. Thompson, Sylvia Plath, James Agee and Franz Kafka as influences.

Check out Steven's new website at http://www.electifolio.com/, or consider his new book at the Unlikely Stories bookstore. Drop him a line at stevenkwriter@yahoo.com.

Steve's works here at Unlikely Stories are:

It Was Blackest Night
In the Fairy Playground
I watched the Poet Laureate on T.V. the other night
I talked with my matrix the other day