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black & white summer

two-year-old tailbones bumping down
the staircases under each of your eyelids
your eyelids like circus tents
your face like a smashed moon
the sun fell at noon
ferns left calm lukewarm green blood on my feet
i'm running naked like a little boy through the forest
under moving globs of supernova shade
when i turn your form is concaved in blue fire
against the sure body of the maple tree
i feel the grey lichen-scented wind of a deserted planet on my naked ass
{ape-faced archaeologists will be mystified by the curved wishbone of my fallen heart}
let their lesser kisses leave your face like a fever dream
}they will baptize shaved turkeys & call them infants{
covering each other's eyes in the crotch of the planetarium
in a sugar crystal canyon of black ice
in a meteor crater full of gelling ice cream sherbet
we filmed summer and each moment was a negative
silver spots of burning film projected on wet canyon walls
a flushing urinal stuck unreachable in the side of a cliff
in the teeth of the winter billboard i am alive
in the mucus of the slow sidewalk of weekday paycheck entrails
i am alive not as a slug thrown through a salty hole in the ozone
but as the first bathtub erection rubbing through long white ancestral hair
black & white summer stung me in the mouth
television-screen ants tightened my facial skin in bed
sunlight leaped off the diving board slender minute hand of the bedside clock
nuclear shadows tap on my naked shoulders
& i turn to see an erased landscape & a white river of wasp souls
cubes of computer-generated color slide off my pitchfork like jello
and i love the physiognomy of the fallen god with lichens in his nostrils
feet's flesh carved with fleshless flowers
the upward suction of the exploded sun rebuilds the rotting castles
& reduces the skyscrapers to blueprints
which i lovingly hurl into my file cabinets
as their tall square skeletons leave my freezing hands
i am redeemed by my ghost walking in their windows
now god can have me like a popsicle if he wants.

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