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JESSICA BRAND and the fine tradition of Unlikely authors who write about each other

To the Unlikely Stories home pageJessica and her remaining fingersThe poems of Jessica Brand are told in a simple, straightforward style that almost subverts the passion and pain they communicate so clearly. With an even voice and steady hand, she speaks of desperation, annoyance, and passion as if all these things were equal, as are the deepest emotions and most trivial thoughts. Her artistry is conveyed by her lack of emphasis on it.

Jess Brand lives and works in NYC. She recently graduated from the University at Buffalo and has never looked back. If you were to take a tour of NBC studios, you would find a picture of a fat, 11 year old Jess, equipped with John Goodman wig, hanging in the hallway. This is her one accomplishment.

She now spends her time wearing a Punxsatawney Phil Groundhog day hood. Drop Jessica a line at starlope13@hotmail.com.

Jessica's works here at Unlikely Stories are:

Beer with a friend
My ex-boyfriend and I still meet