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My ex-boyfriend and I still meet 
For quick trysts in the woods 
  of a cheap resort town 
For people who can't afford 
 to go somewhere better 
The small lake named minne-ha-ha 
Features old time steam boats
With campy dinner cruises 
 For $20 bucks a pop 
And cheap man made beaches 
With too many whining children 
 Last time we met 
He fucked me in a bed of poison ivy 
So I could take home an itchy reminder 
of our quality time together 
This morning he broke it off by email 
explaining it depressed him 
to fuck someone he once dated 
but no longer cared about 
 Now I stare too long 
At men passing by me in the street 
 My father tells me 
that men don't like women 
who seem too eager 
 It makes them look desperate 
I thank him for his 
pearls of wisdom 
 and scratch my ankle 

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