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Earth Come Unstuck

the sky vibrating,
 droning like a guitar string struck once then left alone.
below it, a man squatting on a long sidewalk
 weeping at the ridiculously touching sight
  of a squirrel twitching on its hind legs
  holding a nut in its tiny hands.
the sky becoming a map of other skies,
 colors that blanket the periphery of other planets.
below it, inside the infinite chord, he remembers
 that he was supposed to go to work
  3 hours ago, and is devastated, thrilled to find
   that money no longer matters.
the sky closing down into one sky again,
 veiling the possibility of other worlds
  glimpsed as the hands of the squirrel
   drop the quiet acorn on the grass.
the sky like a guitar cord strummed once
 while the squirrel runs up a tree-trunk
  and the sky vibrating, and him waiting to see the sound
   of the other strings.  the squirrel stopped in the space
 between branches, hung from the hardened air.
the streets walked backwards.
 the next string being strummed.
  we all have to find a new currency.

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