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Concert in the Park

Glum, withdrawn from chatterings
of peers and elders relaxed upon 
the lawn; inaccessible to all bland-
ishments.  The six-year old will not
respond, her energy preoccupied with
mystery of being young, staring
sightlessly into herself.

Stage lights, testing, oboe running
small cadenzas, orchestra assembling,
audience subsiding to a lesser hum.

Father draws the child to embrace
and share a time of listening.  Peeks
outside herself, intrigued by plucked
strings, bright riffs of flutes, tubas
rumbling down a scale.

Quiet.  Conductor’s baton taps sharply
to ready all.  Music takes command.
As though she were somnambulist,
entranced by magic sounds, in transfixed
attention she walks to the stage,
drawn by solo clarinet, discovering.

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