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The trees were black against the sky,
The wintry wind went howling by,
The old witch said, "It's time to fly,"
And leaped upon her broom;
A black cat streaked across the street
With blazing eyes and flashing feet,
The children made a quick retreat--
This was the night of doom.

The ghosts and goblins danced about,
The skeletons ran in and out;
"Tonight you die without a doubt,"
The jackolantern said.
Its eyes became extremely bright
Illumined by the candle light;
It was indeed an eerie sight,
Those eyes of fiery red.

A young girl said, "We're not afraid,
You're just a something daddy made,
And Mister Jack you've been betrayed,
No one is going to die;
For when the sun comes up at dawn
And on our village smiles upon,
Your scary looks will all be gone--
You'll just be pumpkin pie!"

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