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MICHAEL FOSTER saw ten thousand people maybe more

To the Unlikely Stories home pageWriting in a strange state of fearless self-consciousness, Michael Foster presents us with four poems of cruelty, greed, and their effect on those around us. He writes of the emptiness of the good life, and of the brutal way that both the good and poor life can shatter. Leave your expectations behind when you read his poems.

A native of North Carolina, Michael Foster has lived in the Atlanta area for a number of years. His poems have appeared in various journals including Bogg, Main Street Rag, Howling Dog, and Exquisite Corpse, as well as in several anthologies. In 2000, he received a second Push Cart Prize nomination. This appearance in Unlikely Stories marks his first online publication.

Michael is currently seeking publishers for two chapbook-length manuscripts. One, The Posthumous Autobiography of Michael Makir: from the surviving journals, recounts, in a mixture of Makir's poems, entries from his surviving journals, and comments from the fictional editor, the intellectual and other struggles of a young poet. The second, How a Change of Light Changes Everything, is a cycle of about twenty poems tracing the relationship between a young woman who sings opera and tends bar and a not-so-young man.

You may e-mail him at mrfoster@bellsouth.net.

Michael's works here at Unlikely Stories are:

Mining Fool's Gold
In Wine, Prayer
Making Do
Where Late the Sweet Bird Sang
Easy Street
Leaving Complacency