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three men entourage in frontier
one of their heads perchance fills with helium
so the one of the other men sucks the helium
out of the guy's head with his mouth while the other
watches and tries to distract him so he'll float away
man has kids
one of them starves to death
he cooks it and feeds it to the rest of the family
gets drunk every night
they live in a hole
(they begin to wonder while they are eating "where's little toby"
overdramatization of simple, sad occurrences
which would otherwise be comical 
now ostentatious
a human bag
someone so fat and folded they walk around with another
the another stores junk in the person's various cavities
life is one filthy, tired, diseased, depraved unending orgy
where everything but fucking is just fluff
faking it to get to the fucking
all is tired unpassionate foreplay
people torn, depraved by sex
sex occurring everywhere, evidence of fucking constant
everything an involuted sexual exploitation
all sociology just sex
"picnic in a concentration camp"
people live to around 900 years old, all the while becoming more
frail, senile, and impaired in all senses
around age fifty begin to loose youth
a pair of legs w/ human anatomy grows from beneath a thorn bush
young boys, drunks fuck
woman slits wrists and shows up at boys house saying 
she will fuck him since she's going to die
he runs out to get a condemn 
he returns in about 3 hours, when she's still barely living
he fucks her limp body and afterwards when he's in the bathroom
taking a shower she dies
phantom of the opera kidnaps children from the theatre and uses them
for sex
a man leaves a candle lit to go (drink? smoke weed?)
in the room with his sleeping lover
it falls over and scars his lover
disfiguring her terribly 
a man accidentally starts fires wherever he goes
a man plots to kill a young girl and accidentally

chainsmoker accidentally lights a fire with every cigarette

woman who never leaves small shack is raped
years later marries her rapist
when he peers through the crescent in the outhouse door


three drunk entourage in frontier
one of their heads perchance fills with helium
so the one of the other men sucks the helium
out of the drunk's head with his mouth while the other
watches and tries to distract him with gt ulgar comedy
so he'll laugh and spat the drunk lmink a tmosere
meat has kids
one of them starves to death
meat cooks it and feeds it to the rest of the family
gets drunk every night
they live in a hole
(they begin to wonder while they are eating "where's little toby"
a meat leaves a candle lit to go (drink? smoke weed?)
in the room with his sleeping lover
it falls over and scars his lover
disfiguring her terribly 
a meat accidentally starts fires wherever he goes
a meat plots to kill a young girl and accidentally
kills his lover instead
in a pathetic fashion

chainsmoker accidentally lights a fire with every cigarette
woman who never leaves small shack is raped
years later marries her rapist
when he peers through the crescent in the outhouse door
i began to get strange phobias and terrors,
such as suddenly acquiring down syndrome,
and it gradually growing worse until all of my actions were inverted...
why call it mankind
man is not kind
why not call it
girls raised to age six never seeing another man reading
literature, tales of men, their fathers
then are auctioned off to men at various prices
or prostitutes
(given to men playing parts?
it was the style for men of the day to walk around with their penises hanging out
women often examined them carefully, and made comments
erections were smiled upon as if the bearer had accomplished something
a man w/ one armed kidnapped by a obese man who falls in love with him as a pet
another leads another, affects all that they do
pastoral scene, many dying 90-100 year olds at a wedding, sleeping, sick ,totally detached
men cackle as they walk into a fruitless battle dying and laughing at their assassins
depraved free totally unsuccessful lust

(perusals of men with an inexplicable habit of smashing their fingernails and toenails with a small jeweled hammer (smoking man steals a dead 6 year old to fuck, it comes back to life while he's fucking it (for 3 minutes? stoned man (denial as a derangement) wanders into a bar where everyone has a dead person at their side unfunny jokes appealing only to the cruelest side of humanity and in the audience, too appalling to be funny

a factory town with old west 2 dimensional building standing up concealing factories 
and calling them "studios" 
people go in there and work slave labor under the impression they're actors in a movie
everyone acts as if there's a camera on them
everyone acts as if living by a strict alignment of laws
(this is obscure and created by those they have met heard, gleaned and interpreted, etc…
everyone speaks to themself, completely detached
conversations trail, full of needless etiquette and politeness, horribly bland and
excruciatingly apologetic and understanding, patronizing
(everyone a nun
follows the tragic story of a young man's unsuccessful attempts
at seducing several handicapped peoples

life as a commercial
effusive enthusiastic and cheerful
everything everyone says banal drivel tapering off into pleas
of loneliness, terror, and emptyness
words spelled how the reality looks
words twisted sound/visions
satire of language
narrated by a child, adolescent describing the events of his youth, innocence "in my innocence"
as if it had passed centuries ago
perverse clumps of physical anatomy of sundry forms in a clumsy reality with no reason
(five senses
everyone playing a part
excruciatingly vague
very bland and mediocre, nothing discerning, utterly stereotypical,
like faceless mannequin stories
(a christmas story
santa running a sweatshop
misbehave nailed to wall by ears
ears stretch (giving them the elfin appearance
santa eats extra food
Naive (pedophilia
all the children hated him
they swarmed him and chewed his skin
a pivot, representing innocence, mankind uncorrupted
most tragic presentation of man's inherit self destruction
mankind as dignified predictable animals at nature's game
women as a vice 
to disfigure reality
an enormous creature coated in decoration is stripped of all its beauty as if it never had it
while the ugly around it cackle at the ritual
peacock feathers being plucked as if it were a chicken
the chickens laugh

everything hellishly intensified by lust and dramatized
everything is something else
horribly sarcastic, cynicism that sees nothing but the worms and dirt
everything is a lie
the truth is obvious
(its all a theatre… etc
the drug user is the most hated link in society
men create alternate realities because reality is so sad, devoid, and agonizing
and believe them knowing the truth
Flight Of Fancy
blind man in inventing a cure for his own blindness
creates an pipe system jeweled with various lenses of
colors and magnification
(out of personal madness and delusions of grandeur)
he doesn't cure himself instead sees
a discoloration in the sky
(an abstract shape later to take an enlightening shape)
he writes of the single discoloration he sees in the sky
in his diary which remains in a single position
never mobile but fixated
he is able to detect with the 
(rudimentary telescope?
(genius method of magnification-
(he takes lenses from various insects eyes
write scientific journal?
either he dies or he does this himself
or a following scientist
(studies his work
realizes that she shape the man saw was in exact position with 
the sun in the sky
and that it revealed some hidden entity in the sun behind the sphere-
(a new color is invented as well
the man reinvents the blind mans lenses sacrificing his own eyesight in the process-
detects the same image in the sky
falls in love with it and lays in a poppy field starring at it for years sick with dreams 
once wandering getting up to piss he sees another obstruction of vision-
upon retrieving it find that it is two crescent shaped tufts of mold
he studies their texture
insanity delusions of grandeur 
creates them as the propellers on a vincian flying machine where the mold
rotate over a stoked fire and an apparatus producing cold
via a crank
(he has a monkey pulling the crank?
(he buys from an organ grinder act?
and the machine flies upward and into the sun
taking 4 years
and he crashes into the sun
(and burns up?
(or the sun splits into tiny human-ized pieces and falls to the earth
running through the eternal night like fireflies ever lit
they fleet through the night dancing spilling light in an aura of 
religious? mystic? reverie
dust of new infant already leaving
(the thoughts in the head of a newborn child 
with five minutes of life
aware of his own impending death
all the world ash
a man afraid to move because the world will fall into dust
a three year old youth gets his wrist caught in a helium balloon
(a grey elephant?)
that carries him above earth for thirty years
as the clouds part and he is lowered to the earth
the string snaps and he plummets to his death

a twisting conflicting reality present stained with ambiguity
everything violent with mystery and innocence
innocent dreams inspired by a wet music-box
completely besmirched by self loathing
besmirched by clots of oil/blood
completely obscured, devoid, stain like
man walks through city being steadily insulted by a flow of people all who think
the person they insult is of low intelligence
bad trip fairies
drunken terror
exuberantly grotesque simple characters with inflated personalities
idle minds creating drama
everyone humoring a certain person for an undisclosed reason
(so he notices)
derailed mothers (as a muse, i. e. Absinthe Drinker)
i tried to steal her child
it was worth a try
a 13 year old virgin who cannot speak without stuttering
somehow gets in a relationship with a 3 foot tall 400 pound bald mumbling man
she can't seem to get rid of
fucks him
a giant leafless creaking tree (gallows) rotating in the center
of a circular town with people in the nooses
they are dragged through rooms in buildings, dragged anywhere, perchance they asphyxiate
one man's noose breaks, so he walks down to the base of the rotating gallows
(the gallows pull people anywhere, preternatural)
and finds a wretched, beaten, torn deathly sinewy old man powering the machine with a bike
he watches him, the wretch leers at him, but the man remains, 
his spine is crippled, and after a few minutes the wretch keels over dead
and the man mounts the bike and begins pedaling after the gallows
stops for a few short minutes 
each day a man wakes up, fills a pushcart full of stones from a giant pile of stones
(he thinks he hears someone under it)
walks 20 miles and dumps them into a canyon,
then eats a rose, or fruit and walks back to his pavilion
one day, the forest he walks through seals up and he can find no way to the canyon
so he sits down behind a hill wringing his hands, wincing, and occasionally
peering at his full pushcart with lust and sadness
he has none of the luxuries of us, but is never hungry, has absolutely no companion
he thinks of his daily route the way a sane person would think of a pretty person 
a man disguises himself as a women to entice his male lover who has become suicidal
want for tobacco (a cigarette)
as a derangement, an axis
(in place of hunger
all of life based around it 

nonsense that transpires into beautiful simplicity in all its mystery
a poem
out of some widestream insanity, all the mirrors are shattered
men gradually become insane, occupied, furious, nervous
a man showing people the flash of a mirror in the crowd
dispatches the madness slowly faucet drip
man hates people, always hurt him, make him miserable,
they cling to him however, so they can get hurt (to feel alive?
exploiting his natural cruelty and irritating his misery 
a pimpled, pock-marked, obese barber has dozens of romantic prospects
he constantly refuses, his habits primitive and base ,he doesn't own a toilet
a man carries a vault on his shoulders a long distance 
no one to tell him to discard it
many throw an elaborate (mask of red death) someone a surprise
party for taking a shower (so hell kill himself
man convincing another to sit in a chair
the sitting man cannot win the argument
he sits all his life
a man with a 30 foot penis
doesn't notice a damn thing
drinks his beer and watches the horizon
women give him dollar bills to lick his penis


mocks the inherit cruelty of man
parodies of exorbitant but utterly petty cruelty
mocks all the foundations of reality (creality?)
moving mounds, questioning eggshells and breaking fingers
children that symbolize an abstract, harming, antisocial upbringing
innocent but soon to fail ruin and harm
hate them but can't hate them because children
man puts a cigarette in his mouth
cannot find lighter 
loses mind and begins walking
insane and forgets what he was initially looking for
walks around with an unlit cigarette
numerous failed lofty dreams by a vagabond
(grandeur dreams filthy re emergences into reality
the crudest of gestures communicating the quintessences of human want/need
(communication with each other
(prodding someone with big toe a communication of undying love
give an impression of what the gesture intends to commune
(a grunt is an opera
(a line in the dirt a passing era
(piercing of the ear drum communicates the silencing of the music 
a fisherman pulls up the lost continent of atlantis on his line
the unfunny joke, the stupid suffering
all tableaus, seasons, curtains, spotlights
all part of a comedic act insulting, pathetic, like
a terrible joke played by god i.e.
"debtor's prison"
god as the horrible prankster
drug dealers that sell drugs not for money, but
for inhuman acts

("we had read needful things, the marquis de sade, and listened to marilyn manson...)

(...we weren't offering them a minute possibility of obscure infamy in a philosophical.. .... experiment in human nature, although we were offering that too, we were offering them drugs, we had gone straight to the vein, straight to the root of want, pleasure, and escape. the corruption of a single fellow was the corruption of all man. it was an obvious experiment, obviously conceived out of an acute and depraved boredom.)

(why not shakespeare already)

(portrayed as french poets in the pop culture age-the "manifesto"
seen in the most common expressions and everyday gestures
our stupidity and innocence is not even noticed
everyone has been hardened to each other's treachery

satan is the innocent party indulged only by the evil soul
of man
(thinking he has found friendship, instantly falls in love with
all he meets
(pedantic, vain
on my affinity towards autumn
the beauty of the fall
(horrible decadence
all antiquating of the dimensions of life
the world is an empire of lies
everyone behaving as something else
grotesques and clowns 
fulfilling empty dreams conceived for no reason
what grotesque
pedantic for rimbaud
the mind should be as the sea
in constant strain and turmoil
and infestation
when the waves of the sea relax
it become an intense reflection 
of the sky
i felt safe in my bedroom
at night
with a candle lit for my smoking
television vague presence
downloaded mozart
i've been going on this weed
but i lost the bag and 
lit a cigarette
knowing it was somewhere in the room
hiding carelessly under a blanket
or piece of clothing
i felt safe in my bedroom at night
in a frozen small town 
hidden under streetlights in the
fleeting damp
kills his lover instead
in a pathetic fashion

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