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The love of my life was fast asleep. 
The roommate was rhythmically plucking the 
highest string on his guitar in 
strange staccato stanzas, 
while staring empty at the wall. 
The teevee droned on and on 
about a man who cheated on a woman 
with her friend, and the friend's boyfriend. 

The day had been rainy and dark. 
The job search was deadening. 
The bank account was melting slowly away. 
The neighbors were screaming again 
and the old floors were creaking loud. 
I walked into the kitchen to feed the hungry CAT 
and I could smell the gas stove. 
I could smell the dirty dishes. 
I reached into the cabinet, grabbed the food 
filled the bowel and the cat walked 
smoothly slowly in 
He stared hard, eyes to eyes 
then spoke saying; 
"One who conquers himself is greater then another 
who conquers a thousand times a thousand men 
on a battlefield. 
Be victorious over yourself, not others 
for when you attain victory over yourself 
not even the GODS can turn it into defeat." 

I fell to my knees and wept 
on that dirty kitchen floor 
for enlightenment suddenly seemed 
a distant and far away shore! 

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