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I never made the phone call from room A 2 B
Superflourous switches that would have reestablished 
our connection

You went missing
M.I.R., that flag = {broken heart image}, never flown
                -worn exclusively on sleeve

not entrusted with reasons nor a forwarding
address, i bought a notebook
Very few of the entries made sense

I burned everything
because hunting you down and
returning it all seemed too forced

I stoked that fire
one * letter * at * a * time
reading each one over

I cried exactly enough tears to save
the Brasilian Rain forest and flood Africa's deforested and drought infested plains
Let it never be said that i did not do my part.

By the time your letter arrived
i hade forgotten the language
in which it was written

I remain, in my own style, Yours ever faithfully

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