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Death on the Prairie

The stallion was nervous, the mare was in labor;
A full moon shone dcown from the star spangled sky.
She moaned in great pain as she strained on the prairie;
A famished gray wolf was seen lurking nearby.

He saw she was helpless and sprang to attack her;
Her frightened cries rented the hot summer air.
The brave little mustang attempting to shield her
Ran swiftly between the gray wolf and the mare.

The starving wolf leaped at the throat of the stallion;
The mustang's hoof crushed the predator's head.
Then pounded his back as he writhed in convulsions
And stomped on his body until he was dead.

The buzzards descended and gorged on the carcass;
The straining mare pushed and delivered the foal.
The stallion stood by as she licked him and nursed him
Until he was sure all was under control.