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The narrative poems of Ellaraine Lockie are thoughtful explorations into love, lust, and the mechanisms of the human body and mind. With the six poems presented here, she takes us on a vivid journey through a woman's menopausal years, covering every subject from hot flashes to illicit love.

Ellaraine Lockie began writing poetry in October, 1998, after several years of writing stories for children and non-fiction for adults. She has several published articles, one non-fiction book due to be published by St. Johann Press in the Spring of 2000, and another by Collins and Brown in the Spring of 2001. She's received poetry awards from Mad Poets Society (Judges' Choice Award), Quincy Writer's Guild (Top Three Awards), Redwood Acres Fair (Best of Show Award), the Larry E. Watson Writing Competition, Senior Poet Laureate Contest, Poetic Potpourri Quarterly Contests, Poets at Work, Tallgrass Writer's Guild, Berkeley 199 Poetry Dinner, Blue Sky Waters, Oregon State Poetry Association, Massachusetts State Poetry Society, the Discovery/The Nation Poetry Contest, and The Frogmore Poetry Award. She has been, or will soon be, published by Outrider Press, Our Journey, The Frogmore Papers, Mad Poets Review and Hodgepodge Short Stories and Poetry. She has no e-mail address, but you can reach her by writing to Unlikely Stories.

Ellaraine's new chapbook, Midlife Muse, is now available from the Unlikely Stories bookstore.

Ellaraine's works here at Unlikely Stories are:

Old Lady Lesbian

Delayed Reaction
Divine Intervention

July 1999 - July 2000:
The Affair
Menopausal Mythology

Old Lady Lesbian was previously published by Sweet Annie Press.