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The other shoe suspends in midair
After you say you want only friendship
Romance risky to your welfare
Yet intimate magnetism may 
pull stronger than earth's gravity
I don't wait for the fall
For the when or where
you'll execute the death sentence
Or exonerate us before a guilty verdict
By ending this immoral affair
Returning to rules edicted by others
Instead I concentrate on 
the comfort of one worn shoe
A little loose by society's standards
But perfectly fit for me
And the freedom of the other
unfettered foot
Bare with vulnerability
But tough enough to tolerate
this illusive kind of love
Living-life-to-the-fullest philosophy
Though I know limbo doesn't last
That the shoe will either crash land
Leveling me on impact
Drift down and gradually upend me
Or ascend into orbit
A meant to be miracle
Maybe the biggest fall of all

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