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LORI WILLIAMS compares the future to the past

In its origin a poem is something completely unequivocal. It is a discharge, a call, a cry, a sigh, a gesture, a reaction by which the living soul seeks to defend itself from or to become aware of an emotion, an experience. In this first spontaneous most important function no poem can be judged. It speaks first of all simply to the poet himself, it is his cry, his scream, his dream, his smile, his whirling fists.
--Hermann Hesse

To the Unlikely Stories home pageWith a unique softness that reminds one of a whisper, the poems of Lori Williams read like the painful, brilliant diary we all wish we could write. They speak of mistakes and tragedies with a voice that is strictly confessional, but never self-involved or introverted. These poems explore the more painful aspects of life with a clear eye that any writer would envy.

Lori is a born and bred New Yorker, working as a legal assistant by day and chasing her muse by night. She has been writing since her early teens, is the mother of one teen-age boy and one loveable feline, and thinks poetry has saved her thousands of dollars in therapy fees through the years. Her work has been published in over 30 print and on-line publications, including The Melic Review, Neiderngasse, Literary Potpourri, Atomic Petals, BigCityLit and BlueFifth Review and is upcoming in Wicked Alice and Dakota House Journal. Check out her web page at http://loriwilliams.homestead.com/index.html or write to her at Delilahhhhh@aol.com.

Lori's works here at Unlikely Stories are:

The Hollywood Fable That Ruined Me
Epiphany at Thirteen
Penny Wise

Perpetuity was previously published in The Melic Review.