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the walls breathe
the television breathe
the white film breathe
empty bottles breathe
pairs of old shoes breathe
my brain breathe
books edge across the floor
and slithers out the mailslot
making it 3 feet down the street
before they slide into the ground
footsteps breathe
sky ball pulsates and moves
nails separate point upward
float towards surfaces and drill themselves in
razorblades sink slowly in the atmosphere
on tiny colored threads
teeth bang shudder mouths craned open
trees melt fold curling shit on themselves
broken and mangled butterflies with birds
bob incorrectly against the sky
crash into things and convulse in sighing roadwater
a man follows me slowly up the street
moaning indecipherable sounds
into the ear canal pulsate lung
groan strained sides face
my fingers are bent backwards for passing dogs
to chew on my meat pulps
worms hang by wirey pubic hairs slither into my skullcracks
words words words
imagery sarcasm my legs walk tapping up the street
my torso dragging behind
mouth open gums dragging the pavement
wet open eye sock suck kiss the sidewalk
me breathe
you breathe
wind breathe
life breathe
wall breathe
can breathe
want breathe
cold breathe
mind breathe
no breath
the mounds of my skies rise fall and sink
breathing and coughing
gasping for air
before my hand

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