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i see snow covering Atlanta rooftops
Clogging up the sewers by blocking up the drains
i see snow flirting with the Georgian hilltops
Shrouding like a blanket any memories of rain
i suppose itís something i should be getting used to
The past few winters have been stormy and cold
But each new season leaves me feeling frightened

i see snow when i come home in the evening
stopping all the traffic on the narrow streets downtown
i see snow when i go walking late at night
Covering the graveyard and stifling every sound
i still see snow when i wake up in the morning
And shuffle in the slush with a thousand other souls
It seems to me that we arenít moving very quickly

You might point out that itís close to the spring equinox
And it hardly ever snows down here, and hasnít in a while
But i see things that you donít seem capable of
i wonder if thereís always sunshine in your mind
i donít find this conversation entertaining
iím muddy and iím wet and itís freezing cold out here
i still see snow chilling Atlanta rooftops

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