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this one brings a healthy baby and a form to keep the electric on
this one brings an angry teenager and asks for anger classes
this one has a too thick chart and wants six referrals
this one has a law suit against the city and wants a copy of her records

this one wants a note to stay out of work
this one wants an XRay and blood work and a urine test on her son for drugs
this one wants an exam on her daughter to see if she's having sex
this one wants an exam on her baby to see if the father has abused her

this one wants narcotic cough syrup
this one wants diet pills
this one wants three kinds of cold medicine and a "breathing machine" like her cousin has
this one wants free formula

this one wants a form for a bigger apartment
this one wants a prescription for 'wrap-around' school escort services
this one wants to be excused from gym
this one wants a dozen dozen condoms

this one wants to see my supervisor
this one wants me reported to the state
this one throws me a string of loud curses
this one has gives me a poem a medical form for college

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