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i cannot hear america trying to sing

      "the pure products of america go crazy"
                                -wm. carlos williams

those dharmaggedon eyes, grim esthetics
sculpted corners & golden genetalia
are all the clarification needed
everybody want to watch the lizard dance
so they're willing to put up with some poetry
if that's what it takes
this is before the golden age of television
or death valley 1969
this is before generic
entered the consumer consciousness
before campfire stories were replaced
by politically correct sound bytes
rationalized gesture, pyramid eyewear
darling clementine stripped down
to false anarchy

horns of plenty got the masses dancing
in neat domino lines
ritualized chaos
for today's revolutionary
never been so happy to have two left feet
i don't speak small world esperanto
but mumble
bottomed-out divinities
& wail at great white fortunate son
who is amused enough
to tip accordingly

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