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i draw blood from a stone with a chicken bone
i live on second hand smoke second hand dreams
i sleep with my eyes open and wash my hair in the rain
my love is the sky the wind trees washing
i fill my pens with the blood from my own wrists
i peel time like an orange
i play cards with cans stones and three legged dogs
i extract my flesh from registers in cheap food shops
i walk from dawn to dust i walk from open to clothes
i walk from hunger to lust i drip my blood on the sidewalk
and kick my love down the street an old hand
i desert myself at the crossroads and fling my ratty
notebooks at the devil as he scurries away with his open umbrella
and flapping shoes
i weave doggerel out of meaning i wrap my old bones in pages 
from little girls and dead mens books
i catch the laughter of bulging pockets in my butterfly net
and use it to butter my rancid toast and shoe souls
i catch fish with cigarette butts and turn them into birds
i pull rabbits out of my patchwork top-hat and roast them on spit
i have enough voices in my head to sing me to sleep in my 
bedroom doorways
i kiss the knives that press my filthy throat in the 3am curtain lures
i eat blankets and cans like a goat and chip my horns on falling snowflakes
my imagination flourishes like the melting ice in van goghs drink
i pluck music boxes out of my solitude 
and bow ties out of my hunger
i wake up the next morning and rub my bullet wounds like 
rheumatic eyesockets
i carry your groceries out to the trunk of your car
youll carry my body out in a trunk to dump in the old river
my soul dances with the clouds and plucks them apart like chickens
i shit up my liver and kidneys for pennies and tobacco
i steal your small happiness with a glance
and burst it open on my stony knees
the wind carries me home
the wind carries me on home into knobby arms
flailing about dust

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