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ANNALYNN HAMMOND and the attack of the killer double letters

To the Unlikely Stories home pageAlthough their subject matter varies, he poems of Annalynn Hammond are clearly in search of what lasts. Whether they discuss lust, love, or nature, they are on a constant quest for permanence in the rediculously temporary lives of humankind, searching illness, evolution, flora and fauna for something that has long-term meaning in an increasingly short-term world.

Annalynn says, "I am currently living in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and majoring in Creative Writing at the University of Wisconsin. My work has appeared in (or is upcoming in) Can We Have Our Ball Back?, Wicked Alice, Eclectica, Branches Quarterly, and Snow Monkey." Drop her a line at annalynn0@yahoo.com.

Annalynn's works here at Unlikely Stories are:

On Discovering the Bones of a Deer in the Woods I am Immediately Elated
Instructions for a Desert Walk
What Pus Does to Us
Love Calls for Horns and Bullets
When It's Good