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Fuck TV

i want to fuck you on tv

not on some sitcom or dating game
not in some midnight movie or afternoon soap
not during cartoons or the big fight
not the news broadcast or the weather forecast
i wanna fuck you on my own show
for one hour every week night
and two hours saturday night
sunday will be our day of rest
i wanna love you under the glow of camera lights
i wanna love you for the world to see
satellite dish
big screen tv
i want people to ritually gather in bars and watch me fuck you
i want families to gather round at dinner time and watch me fuck you
i could cum before commercial break and say
"don't change that dial, we'll be right back"
i wanna fuck you on tv
come back home after a rough day's work
sit down recline and watch some reruns
of me fucking you in past seasons
like the memories that play in my head

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