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Misplaced Trust

A cat had five kittens one bright sunny day,
But after two months they were given away.
A sparrow flew in through the half opened door
And approached the cat as she lay on the floor.
Lonely for her kittens she touched the small bird,
Licked him, caressed him and happily purred,
Gave him some bread crumbs she found in a sack
And let her companion perch on her soft back.
She mewed for the bird when it was out of sight
And the gray songbird chirped to her both day and night.

Then one fateful day the young bird flew outside,
Saw an alley cat but was too tame to hide.
He mistook the feline for his gentle friend;
The cat brought the sparrow's life to a quick end.
The mother cat called for him summer through fall,
But the little bird never answered her call.