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Does No One at All Ever Feel this Way in the Least

Stark Young
sd Frost
wd take the prettiest Amherst
freshmen to his decadent
drenched candlelit homo abode
on Amity St
and read them dirty books
aloud in the hope that some aroused
swain would get
excited enough to butt-fuck him or at least offer
a pulsing hunk of frosh
				meat to cram
down his throat
Frost sd
hoping to get his colleague fired but when pressed
cd never come up with the facts
and at any rate wd never drop his Puritan 
mask to say anything 
so explicit to Pres Meiklejohn
nor reveal to anyone (not even the pun-loving
the "stark crazy" finis
to his recurring dream where the brazen 
Young wd walk up close
to him on the st and pass him candy
from his pockets
			so foxy
about his desire that Frost wd awake
with a gasp hd as a rock
his cum gushing hot and melan-
down the back
of his snoring Elinor's

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