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alarm clocks trampled on the sidewalks, massah.

meanwhile the noblest faces in your styrofoam country
go unnoticed as nosebleeds in a war hospital
fists fly past my face & i see their split knuckles infected
see their armless pedestrian bodies shredded by heavenly light
the obvious stupidity of every major newspaper
like a reptile eye opening in the palm of my hand
the middle class burying it's face in plastic intestines
in a wet junkyard of static artistic souls flattened like soda cans
my icepick eyes climbed the flagpole 
& didn't take on the small glint of it's scum
my foot went through a whining television & came out unscathed 
the hands of my spirit have pinched the red from your faces
that i might see the lugubrious neanderthal smirk inside your charity
that my heels will punch through your frosty landscape 
and let a volcano of blue alien blood to wash your streets of hollow eagle bone
I watch your long flaking tongues wrap around dead microphones
your magazines like melting halloween masks
your endless consumer solutions, your thin hallways of xeroxed cash
and I love my cartilage armchair in the fork of voided roads
I've had a first taste of your gunbarrels wrapped in cotton candy paperwork
and I have vomited you through a wide grin that will bite off the next fist

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