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BILL CHENE stalks the light fantastic

To the Unlikely Stories home pageFocusing on the theme of isolation, the poems of Bill Chene study life through a veil of pain, and quite frequently hatred. Both quite clear and utterly vicious in their symbolism, these poems smack of a chaotic creature caught up in a cruel system of order. They contain no exclamation points, but every word is quietly disturbing.

Bill says, "I like to write about the world as seen through the eyes of an outsider, to highlight how we are all affected by the alienation and loneliness that's become such a significant part of modern life. As for subject matter, I seldom write poems that are directly about my personal experiences. I believe that in any art form life should be the pallet, not the painting." Write to him at bchene@ix.netcom.com.

Bill's works here at Unlikely Stories are:

You're Most Like Me......
Garage Sale

The Hunchback
Moral Majority
Watch Spring