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Coyote v Acme

The Acme Co. had better hope
that Wile E. Coyote
never consults a lawyer.
I'm no legal expert
but it would seem to me
that he has the grounds
for one hell of a lawsuit.
We're talking gazillions.

If only the coyote was real
and was a person, with full
legal rights, instead of
a dumb coyote, then
the lawyers would be jammed
like sardines, albiet
rabid sardines,
around his intensive care bed.

Then, if I went in there
with a movie camera, I
could get some world-class
nature footage, of the kind
that would make those Great White sharks
look like a bunch of swishing pantywaists.

While Wile E.
And Wile E.'s crack legal team
bankrupted Acme
the greedy sons-of-bitches.

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