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she waked into the 
read from the bar next door

slinky, sexy
silky dark hair, smokey eyes
she had a Cadillac ass

wide, soft, and comfortable
I wanted to slap a plastic Jesus on 
her forehead, wrap fuzzy dice around
my nuts . . . baby, and
driver her home

maybe even all the way to New Mexico
or Kansas
the long way around

she took me next door to the bar
where I auditioned for 
a test drive

she started looking at the 
devil tattooed on my neck
the skulls, snakes and demons
on my arms
I even showed her the 
flying monkeys
(from the Wizard of Oz) 
tattooed on my chest

I told her I was a poet 
Listened to classical music
wrote a novel
took erotic 
photographs of women
for my poetry
and loved my daughter

but I think it was the 
cotton candy fingernail polish
that did it

I drove straight home
in my Toyota

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