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Diabolical drivel unprivileged on a ledge holding onto 
her while looking at mean black birds and proletarian gray birds 
splashing our language with afternoon pond wetness while cooling off 
and making a beakment by the Japanese rock garden on a campus 
which will remain known

Where have all the fish gone?

One of my oldest and best friends
And ex-publisher stricken with the
Melancholy of Celtic DNA 

His slippery serpent scales inside a black sweatshirt with hood 
Crawl over insanely stained apartment rug with layers of
Prescriptions and Saltines crunching 

Sez, "I want to fuck you"

His wife laughs while pulling hair thrown off Amtrak train  

The theme from the movie soundtrack of The Omen
With a rat pushing two years on her lap!

Kneel and look up her plaid skirt of Catholic dirt

Mulching Haystack pizza under Noe Valley
Open windows beneath her Twin Peaks

And a transistor radio cawing
That Barry Bonds has hit another one

Things stop making sense when you begin to understand

And Hingham, Massachusetts
Has a cemetery where twizzle sticks and crucifixes
Dance the madrigal around the enchanted trees of 
Dusky February upon magic and memories of sea

Holy water, and then left foot first onto Lexington Avenue and egg creams

Reminiscing is magnetic

And good pizza is rare

Peace be here and                                                 there

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