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T. S. ROSS's real name can be found with the secret decoder ring

To the Unlikely Stories home pageDescribing the death pit of the ASARCO factory's dragon lure as it mercilessly slaughters El Pasoans in the most brutal way. Your expression will be stained in the half hill forever with laughter on how to start a conversation about horse gas on Montana street. Take time reading to absorb the depths of complicated stanzas so image filled describing a hell stained town creating great writers in its molten lava. The in depth complications of expressing emotions in relationships echoes that communication is crucial but often on different frequencies.

T. S. Ross is an inhabitant of El Paso del Norte in the Chihuahua Desert, in West Texas. In former lives Ross was Guy Fawkes, Alexander Berkman, and a Neolithic human sacrifice. T. S. Ross was named for T. S. Eliot, and the initials additionally stand for both "Tam O"Shanter" and Twain and Shakespeare. Ross has avoided writing until recently as a form of rebellion against familial patriarchal authority. Politically Ross is seeking liberation for the occupied border regions of Estados Unidos, or at least the legalization of drugs so as to relieve some of the unnatural pressures on the Atzlan homeland. You can write to T. S. at tsrossshire@aol.com.

T. S.'s works here at Unlikely Stories are:

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I first met Death when I was three
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