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If you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you always got.
--Gerard H. Gaynor

To the Unlikely Stories home pagecuttin' a figureWith complex, technology-based symbols, Bill Burns makes his poetic points with humor, panache, and the occasional deadly seriousness. Although his words are quite bizarre, they are perfectly logical, and ever line is clear. His poems are wild and unpredictable, and will keep you fascinated straight through their ends.

Bill says, "I was born circa the early fifties and raised on the eastern part of the planet. Perhaps due to some fluke in prenatal nutrition or quantum fluctuation in genetic makeup, others seem to think I function equally well in both right and left hemispheric modes, creating across a wide spectrum of media - graphic art, poetry, auto body repair, music, theater, sculpture, rasing children, microprocessor interface design, computer code., etc. I've always felt comfortable in and around gardens, garages, labs and mountain trails."

Bill teaches electrical engineering and electrical technology course for various colleges. He has written seven plays that have made the stage and been published in over 100 hardcopy magazines, as well as a metric bunch of web page zines. Bill lives with his bride of twenty three years and their three children. Drop him a line at sunhawk@infi.net.

Bill's works here at Unlikely Stories are:

The Other
Night of the Irritable Dead
On Escher and Becoming
Alien Probe
The Aunt That Ate Milwaukee
All the Myriad Rivers Under Your Skin
The High Road and Holy One
Future Perfect
Creature Comforts