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Moses Saw Me

I was driving down
looking for that free time
that wasn't
and an old man? in a gray potato sack
and stone washed sandles and diff. color eyes
came out into the st. before the light
with staff and blue-hue beard
so I stopped from killing him
He gets in, gives me an address I don't know
and I drive looking for a cop
People are crazy
I still have some life left

He was reading Redbook
and swearing Hebrew when the pgs smelled
and the old rule held
There wasn't one
I needed one

Finally I just stopped the car
in a well lit neighborhood
I don't need this
it's not worth it when the car is paid for
I got out, I ran out, because there was a
pay phone, the call was free

An hour later I heard the sirens
from the bagel place
that felt warm and had a special going
Distant shouting
I requested, I never order, a diet root beer
forgetting how they taste
USA Today was on the next table
but there was nothing in it
it was completely blank

I went out to the car
Like I said I would
when I didn't hear anything
the brake was still on
they left it
still intact
I was amazed
I started it up
the back seat looked so 
I took it out
got home
took something all right out of the box,
turned on wrestling, a special match
my kid was in his room doing God knows
I had a good day
good day off
then about
a month later,
these Redbooks start coming
in the mail

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