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put to use

this poem is a man in a suit

it is a '94 cadillac
        it has 54,000 miles
        premium gasoline
        anxiety like rust
        eating metal away

this poem is a marriage proposal
it was written in the wrong pretense

this poem is a middle class house
        with above ground pool
        dog house in back
        kitchen with island
                island with stove and grill

it is a 5 year old boy
beginning to stutter
        cleft chin at young age

this poem is the first time you dance with your wife
it is the greatest feeling of awkwardness
the first step of the first measure
smiles with eyes turned away
this poem's cheek is blushing

this poem is a man in a suit and hat
        his father's stetson
        the brims cloth worn through

it is used

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