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keep away from me
i dont want to hear your pretty flowers
i dont want to know your secrets
get your competitive pen away from me
i dont write for you
or for anyone
but myself and the ones i think i love
and the ones ive hurt in the past
your art is flowers
and you are a flower among many
destined to be plucked by a pretty little girl
and kept in rot on a bedside
your art
and yourself
are only shadows of your lusts and jealousies
so keep it the fuck to yourself
keep away from me, in your halloween costume soul
i want to maim you
your hair grows out of your face
while i chew your prosthetic lips
save it for congenial teachers and parental figures
leaning and bobbing before a chalkboard
they will use your beautiful artwork
to wipe their dripping orifices
miserable in their rooms lives
why bother if you cant reach those dead souls
that wait with their walls for something
anything at all
you will disappear
before my secreting eyes and black teeth
gnawing some sun-bleached soup bone
behind your house
as you rock and dance 
inventing daytime television poetry
and cleaning your carpet for the 1000 time
in your kingdom of lies and blank stares
nothing here for you
nothing at all
are you dying?
is each word you speak a mockery that you will soon be dead?
remember the stench of the earth thawing in spring
as you walk in your false youth
dreaming about balloons, clowns, and bards
suck down this smoke
drink the water that flows from shattered limbs
you are nothing
but a compilation of meat
leering at the sun
hopeful of something

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