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Hey have you found what youíre looking for?
Toothless old hag that you will become
Better look forward to tomorrow
Because by the time you read this, it is here.
Ballroom days are over, Jim sang.
Age creaks the bones and makes my reincarnation
A frightening thought.
Jesus, how do these Buddhists survive?
No God but you.  And if Iím a God or there is a spark of inner something
Maybe holy in me, maybe not holy but get rid of the desire
And all will be blankly full well one with joy and empty-full.
Wonder what a couple of bong hits will do to me in Nirvana.
Iíll settle for a cigarette or I might get freaked out of Paradise.
And you?  Happy?  Happy being sad?  Sad being happy?  Just existing or is there
A twinge of excitement left in the old or young body.
Need vodka yet? To get through the day?