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Once when her kisses were fire incarnate
and left in their imprint lipstick, and flame,
when her breath rose and fell over smoldering dunes,
leaving me listlessly sighing her name . . .

Once when her smiles were as pale, as beguiling,
as blonde rivers of sand shedding heat like mist,
when her words would at times softly, mildly rebuke me
all the while as her lips did more wildly insist . . .

Once when the thought of her echoed and whispered
through vast wastelands of need like a Bedouin chant,
I ached for the touch of her lips with such longing
that I vowed all my former vows to recant . . .

Once, only once, something bloomed, of a desiccate seed-
this fragile white blossom her wild rains of kisses decreed.