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hope we can wait, galileo.

i was your tongue for your sleeping teeth
one lingering drunk brain cell in a week of sobriety
seashells filled up with lobster butter and white blood
scarfs wound tighter than the lines of a record
on a frozen beach of birds craning their necks
multicolored mold on both your bread and your poisons
your lolita swaying on the edge of a long branch
brimstone eyes sweep away decaying tv light
volcano hips null every natural river
throwing keyrings into my coffin
i made you kneel under waterfalls 
and kiss the feet of skyscrapers with a sarcastic mouth
i added salt to your undertow vision
patted your demon monkey on his parted back
hit baseballs of newspaper off a stone bridge
homeruns carving a path through green skylight air
into the glove-fingered crotch of a nun
who leers at her watch while you nap in her chimney
made you dream of nothing but frogs and car tires
headlines cutting across bored wrists
your headset plugged into a wall of jello 
holding the House of Representatives captive of their own motionlessness
i dripped on your telescopes
shattered your windshield with a sword that stayed at my hip
slithered between soap opera blankets of talk-show shame
hated referring to anything by any name
gave you your mailbox with a worm to curl up in it
slowly a bald mountain of cobras drowns in their overpopulated poison
and the blue valley laughs tinnily as a game-show host
and the prophets have headsets that bring them the newscast 
delayed and messily censored by flocks of pugnacious geese
your president fucking a pile of red martian rocks
your mother stepping out of the shower
for eyes that aren't ready
rainbow filled with mineral dust and dehydrated clams
a cold-bodied man with pop-culture-collage eyes 
proclaiming his candidacy for pope
your lover sleeps
and all you have to do is stroke her childish hair
until the tentative dawn erases 
your moonlight fingerprint-dusted footprints.
but you go for another long walk and each step is easy,
guiltless as bright stars 
release the dim from their obligation to shine.

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