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deep brown puddles accumulated overnight
and were well stocked by moonlight
with golden spoons & robot fish
i see a pile of well-dressed bodies in the clearing of silver light
or maybe just a pile of sticks
my eyelids have turned to floral rugs 
filled with hard red arabesques
and invasive tastebuds
that clump of trees walking toward me
looks like a thatch of greying pubic hair
my sweat drips off the bottom
of the veined green leaves
sounds of electronic tribal drums brings me to my knees
i stumble through a road of bottomless potholes
lined with burning mailboxes
& fall through the mist of a smaller neighborhood sky
into a planetarium
filled with squirrels eating microwave popcorn
the seats were too small for me to sit so i ran
but someone fastened a necktie portraying jesus as a sniper
to my neck before i left
emerging from a hallway of framed beehives
i saw pornography projected
playing fast-forwarded on the green street signs
nobody was trying to make love
so i'm hiding in a dumpster alone
eating pie crusts & concentrating on becoming asexual
nobody is whispering anything
dawn broke me
lunch ate me
the late movie
ran past me.

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