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The Ultimate Abuse

for old glory; not to be allowed to die
a decent death, stay buried,
lie in state inside glass case,
rather than be paraded
around the nation,
to the World Series,
to Winter Olympics
in Salt Lake City
where wind continues physical
abuse   rips
red, white and blue
strips into shreds as eyes tear
“star spangled banner”    and  Bush
crinkles chin,  
suppresses manly tears,
though mind has the determination,
tenacity, and gall,  to make
war on a smaller nation, knowing
women,    children
and innocent will be slaughtered
in the name of search,
for one man, 
one nameless nebula
which evades apprehension
of far-reaching arms, until the
poorest of poor
are pulverized dust
with no evidence 
which states the enemy was here
at the outset, has not escaped,
has been dead for months.
rally cries rise.  the charge
heard round the world accelerates.
old glory
buried in the rubble once,
is given the ultimate indignity
of winter breeze.
as fake tears icicle    

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