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A Soldier's Dream

A weary soldier closed his eyes
And fell asleep on Britain's shore,
And as he lay beneath the sky,
Untroubled by the bomber's roar,
He dreamt a genie took his hand
And whisked him over sea and land,
Above the clouds o'er peak and plain
And brought him safely home again.

He saw that mighty land once more
Where purple mountains touched the sky;
He heard Niagra's awesome roar
And watched the falls rush swiftly by.
He saw the snow upon the hill
And felt its sting upon his cheek;
He gazed upon a woodland rill
That flowed into a swollen creek
Which joined hands with a sparkling stream;
He watched the rippling waters flow
Beneath the pale moon's silver beams
And join a river far below.

He saw a land where violet prairies
Stretched wherever one might pass,
Where countless cows in endless dairies
Grazed upon the fresh spring grass;
Where yellow cornfields dressed the highways
In bright checkered suits of gold;
Where happy children searching byways
Filled the air with bliss untold.

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